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Thank you Kami-sama! I finally finished my grocery shopping! Things are so well.

It is days such as this one that make me feel so wonderful. And all the new members I've been seeing seems to make these days even better. Each single one just a masterpiece. Each one I just want to mold and shape and guide.

Back to business. Megane, we still have to meet. I have more time now, so we will definitely meet up soon... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Aw, dear Mizuki-kun. I hope you're prepared. Originally, I wanted to partner you up with someone, being that this task is very difficult to execute properly. I was hoping to allow someone with more experience with you. Unfortunately, it was hard to get someone. However, if you happen to find someone to help you, you are permitted to bring them as long as they are part of our organization and has been in the assasination business longer than you.

Although I usually give much freedom for the assignments I give, this one must be incredibly specific due to certain circumstances. You MUST follow the basic outline, at least. If you do not, you will be punished and the yakuza might face a great hardship later on.

Anyway, you will be targetting a girl known as Toshi Hitomi. She is 19 and coincidently attending a university with some of our own people there. However, we cannot allow them to execute the task needed, there being a high chance of discovery and all. So, I want you to get in touch with Southpaw Though that may not be that hard a task it seems. He will be your contact. Give him three days notice. After, meet up with him, he should have the needed information for your assignment such as the placement of security cameras a map, and others. He will also give you the location of Hitomi's dormitory room. Think of a plan to sneak in but wait at least three days again. Now, things will start getting tricky. On the night of the third day, sneak into Yuuta-kun's dorm room. There, I want you to decide on how you are going to decide on timing. It must be late at night during a time when the students are not up. Several students can't be prouncing around for whatever reason. After picking a date and time, Yuuta will lure her out and you will sneak back into her the room. Then, when they come back, you will wait until the door closes before you strike.

Before you kill her, I want you to see if you can get information. Threaten her for the information on "the matrices." If she is stubborn, just kill her. If she does speak, kill her right afterwards. The most important objective on this assasination is to make it look like a suicide. That way, there would be no questions and less . Especially when a friend of hers named Ren died so recently ago. (By the way, if you use a gun, be sure to make sure that the barrel is at 1 cm maximum. Don't try any farther.)

Anyway, after she is dead, get Southpaw there with you and start searching. If she told you where the matrices are, get them. Not only that, destroy her computer and any disks and USBs that she has. All papers and work that she has done should be ripped to shreds. Do not leave a single thing untouched. Make it look like she had a nervous breakdown and finally decided she couldn't take it. If possible, savage the matrices. There might be a few things of interests to us. Still, look everywhere for those matrices if you do not find them in paper form. If anyone discovers you, kill them.

Once you have completed this, Southpaw will "discover" the body while you make your escape.

However, if in any way you have to kill more than one person, you are to make it look like you are a murderer. Then, you must make it look like you tried to kill Southpaw. Bruise him up a bit and maybe stab him in the arm or something. Do not do anything fatal, but do make enough noise to catch someone's attention. Then, Southpaw will look like a victim. In either case, if you screw up somehow and both of you haven't blown your cover, you must end up like a random killer that happened to kill Hitomi and didn't have time to finish killing Southpaw. If you do not enjoy hurting your allies, do not screw up. You do not need to worry about people figuring out it is you via DNA. I'll cover that if the issue arises.

One final note for you: You are not to touch Southpaw nor any of his belongings unless you are "assaulting" him. We cannot take the chance of keisatsu finding a "killer's" DNA on anything of Southpaw's. It will look too suspicious.

Don't make a mistake. Good luck. You may start at any time, but the I want the job done by at least two months.

Yuuta-kun sweetie, this missions I am going to assign you will require you to be as brave as you possibly can. I need you to have lots of courage for this. You assignment is to help aid in the assasination of Toshi Hitomi, a girl your age that I believe you to have the same mathematics class with. You are to get as friendly with her as possible for the next few days and find out where her dorm is. At least try making it that you are sympathetic at her lost. (Her best friend, Ren, just passed away.) Try getting some information of some "matrices." Also, in between studying and doign whatever college students do nowadays, I want you to reasearch security and the school's layout. When Mizuki contacts you, you are to double your effort on the security research. After three days, Shadown TIger will pick up the information. Three days later, you will meet with Shadow Tiger in your dorm to figure out make a plan of action. Once, he leaves, clean your dorm like hell. You can not afford to have any of his DNA found in your room.

On the day of the assasination, you are to lure Hitomi out for a while. Shadow Tiger will fill you in on the rest of the details.

But seeing that you will be a witness to this "suicide," you are to be the best actor you can be. Whether we get away with it or not is all dependent on how convincing you are.

One more thing: If either of you screw up, you are to become a victim, Southpaw. Be prepared to get stabbed, beaten, or at least knocked out if something happens out of what should have. Ex. Someone sees you searching through Hitomi's dorm. If you do not want to be harmed, do NOT screw up. If you do, act like a victim and give out a story upon discovering a murder. Make up something believable. I'm counting on you to make a believeable story that throws off the police. Good luck. For any details, ask Shadow Tiger.

If you wish to know the reason why you are targetting this person, contact me and I'll tell you sooner. This is not a confidential reason, especially if you need to justify a death.

Also, the matrices are a very important. They are actually coded messages form the tattle-tale Ren, who has been attempting to give out information on what has been happening. They contain the most confidential information. So, you MUST not forget them nor put them under low priority.

On a final note, I wish both of you good luck. Don't forget to send the report to Jackal.

And if any of you make a serious error, I will personally cut off a certain something of yours.

Other than that, you have the liberty to change a few things on the plan I gave you, as long as the main parts stay in place.

Go off, my precious, little masterpieces and show me what you can do!
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