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Hanamura-sama's LJ

Who has and doesn't have potential?

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Name: Hanamura Aoi
Age: ??
Bio: When she was really young, Aoi learned that her parents were loyal friends to the mafia. This friendship extended to several other mafias around the world. At the age of 14, she was able to become a popular actress with the help of her connections with the mafia. She had a high position and funded the mafia behind the scenes. By the age of 19, she had to retire early from her actress life. (Which was surprisingly clean from crime and sex.) It was a hard time for the mafia everywhere. They had to gain as much support as they could. So, Aoi joined the assasination forces even though they first thought she should be a postitute. Unfortunately for them, she ended up becoming one of the most skilled assasins the mafia has ever had. She was so skilled at her job that she was given respect and a promotion to teach trainees how to assasin. When she taught them, assasinations became even better and easier to hide. Her strategies were so remarkable, that she became head of the assasination forces for the mafia. As the mafia's strength grew back to how it once was, her parents were killed. They police suspected that the Hanamura family was secretly funding the yakuza. (They were, though.) However, Aoi made sure they found nothing and the police were considered murderers. Popularity for the police sunk as people heard the sob story of their ex-teenage sex symbol's loss of her parents. The police who killed Aoi's parents were arrested. Afterwards, a man came to her and asked for marraige. Aoi and the man's parents arranged for them to get married before she was born. She refused stating that she will never marry outside of her own will, despite the fact that marrying him will make her status and the yakuza stronger. But despite this, she became so respected in the mafia (for a female), that the boss who recently passed away, make Aoi his sucessor. Being the least popular and experienced boss, she had to disappear from the public eye and work as hard as she can most of the time. Besides the fact that she may not be the best boss, her connections with the foreign mafia and her fortune and her asassination skills make her one of the most dangerous people the mafia has ever known. One last note: Aoi's biggest fault (despite being inexperienced at leading) is that she cannot kill something she sees potential in. Even if it is loyal to the keisatsu, she will do her best to protect it.
Organisation: yakuza
Department/Rank: Boss
Nickname: Hana-sama for the inferiors; Hana-san for those younger; the two other bosses call her Hana-chan
Tattoo: Green and blue geisha playing a stringed instrument with a very detailed kimono (will show picture later)

(This journal is for tenipuri_jnsh and the RPer for this character is a_l_)